Technology for Humans

About Us

Our core team has 13 years' experience working together to develop, deliver, and support over 100 software projects and products for a range of organisations in a variety of sectors. Learn more about our NIMBLE team.

Alongside our client work we ran a labs project to create a VR game using an Oculus DK2, Microsoft Kinect, and webcam for location detection - built in Unity. It remained internal, but planted the seed for being more creative with technology.

In 2020 we worked with Base Camp Z to design a scoring system, mobile app, and competition leaderboard for their interactive Zombie-themed archery experience. We had a lot of fun in the process.

In 2021 our CTO, Ben Ackland, prototyped an audio adventure game where you, the player, converse with in-game characters on your mission to save the world. The feedback since has been amazing.

Today we are established as an innovator in voice and conversational AI for entertainment products, working on CAGE - our Conversational Adventure Game Engine for developers.

If you want to explore or integrate human-computer conversation into your digital world, do say hello.